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News: ICS Captain Package

Aktualisiert: 26. Jan. 2019


I have received my ICS Captain package! I'm new to the program and I didn't know what to expect, so I was really looking forward to the unboxing.

ICS Captain package (address had been censored)

The package includes an awesome selection of several items - some of them are exclusive for captains and others could be shared with the ICS fans around the globe.

If we meet at an Airsoft game and if you like ICS, please let me know and maybe I have a little present for you...

Here is a picture of the full package:

ICS Package 2019

Check out some highlights like the glasses, pen, shirt and bracelet:

I already added some of the patches to my gear:

Many thanks to ICS Airsoft for preparing and providing such an awesome package.

Also thanks to Begadi GmbH for forwarding it so quickly to me.

Please check out my awesome sponsors:

ICS Airsoft


Begadi GmbH


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