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[ENG]Review: TSBlades - Dark Wolf

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Fascination knives

Knives have always been fascinating for me. There is an incredible variety and some of them are made with the greatest craftsmanship. Unfortunately, this variety hasn't been reflected in the selection of training weapons and dummies. The knives were always very functional and not designed very well.


If you use a knife just for training purposes, the design doesn't really matter. You probably just want a realistic solution for your training, without the risk of being injured by a sharp blade.

But if you are looking for a dummy knife to complete your gear, you will love the selection from TSBlades. They started their business in November 2016 and one of the first blades I saw was a Karambit with a paracord grip. I just thought “wow” and was really impressed by the design and quality. I never bought one up to now, but there's always a first time.

I play a lot of CQB and some of you might also know the great feeling of sneaking close to someone and doing a so-called knife kill. So I checked their homepage and ordered one new model - the TS-Dark Wolf.

Order, delivery and unboxing

I ordered it on a Sunday, the package had been shipped from Spain on Tuesday and arrived with Hermes in Germany on Friday. Delivery costs within Europe are 6 EUR.

Tip: Some airsoft players are sponsored by TSBlades. I had a quick search on Instagram and used a 15% coupon from one player.

The knife costs 24,95 EUR and incl. the shipping costs and minus the discount I paid a total of 27,21 EUR. It was sent in a bubble wrap and additionally packed into a plastic bag.

Most important: it arrived completely undamaged:

Package: Knife and two stickers

Design and quality

The TS-Dark Wolf is a further development of the TS-Dark Shadow with a more aggressive look. It has a full length of 27 cm, the grip has a length of 9,5 cm and with the ring of 12 cm. From the grip the length of the blade is 15 cm and is 3 cm wide.

The knife has a weight of 78 gram.

Three colors are available: Onix (black), Sand and Ranger Green.

I chose Ranger Green because I really liked the contrast between the black blade and the green grip. It looked more premium for me compared to the model in Sand.

The grid is rock solid and is fixed with two Allen screws. You can find the TSBlades logo on both sites of the grip and on one side of the blade.

The knife itself is made from one piece of plastic and feels extremely robust. You can bend it a bit but not that much. The edges are not rounded, which enhances the look of the knife, but there are no really sharp razor edges.

It feels very good in the hand, no matter if you use it downwards (forefinger in the ring) or upwards (little finger in the ring). Even with gloves I had no problems and a good handling. I'm wearing gloves from Mechanix M-Pact sized XL:

What I also like - you don't need a special holster. It fits exactly into MOLLE:

Perfect fit into MOLLE - no holster needed.


I’m using a plate carrier with Laser Cuts and this is my only criticism. The knife basically fits, but there is that “teeth” next to the grip and it gets caught with the Laser Cut.

Because of that it is really hard to put away or to pull the knife quickly:

If you use it with the regular MOLLE, you won't have any problems:

Best solution for me:

If I’m wearing my plate carrier with Laser Cuts, I will just put it under my shoulder pad or behind the magazines. Maybe there will be a holster in the future, because TSBlades is offering already some for a few models. And the battle belt with MOLLE is also a nice option.


As already described, I use the knife primarily for CQB action and to complete the look of my gear. In CQB games the ring really helps to keep the knife safe in the hand.

I’m not using it as a classic training knife, so I can't say anything about it.


Awesome quality and design for a price around 25 EUR. I really like the aggressive look and it feels rock solid. The fit into Laser Cut is my only concern, but it's possible to wear it somewhere else and there aren't any issues with MOLLE.


- Design

- Quality

- No holster needed, if you use MOLLE

- Fast shipping within one week (if you order directly at tsblades.com)


- Fitting into Laser Cut (no holsters available)

I'm sure that wasn't my last order from TSBlades. You can find the links below if you want to check the product page for more infos or for ordering.


Link to the shop of TSBlades:


Direct link to the knife:


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