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[ENG]Review: Master Mods Tuning Parts

Aktualisiert: 16. Dez. 2020

Review of the latest airsoft tuning parts for AEGs and GBBs from Master Mods.

The products were provided by Master Mods for testing purposes. As always, the review represents my own opinion about the products without any influnce of the manufacturer.

Awesome plastic free packaging


In detail I take a closer look at the following products:

  • Cylinder Head

  • Air Nozzle

  • Full Steel Teeth Piston

  • Piston Head

  • Master Inner Barrel System

Most of the products are for AEGs, except the Inner Barrels, which can also be used in GBBs.

Products disassembled

About Master Mods

Master Mods is a manufacturer from Taiwan, which has set itself the goal to develop high-quality tuning parts for airsoft players.

I first heard about them in combination with ICS Airsoft, because there is a cooperation between the manufacturers and so you can find some of the tuning parts in weapons from ICS. For example in my version of the Sirius PDW9 the Nozzle is built in and you can find more of the tuning parts in the SSS version.

Cylinder Head (MX-001)

The Cylinder Head is made of 6061-T6 aluminum, which is also used in the aerospace industry. And of course it is also CNC machined. It has a double O-ring for better sealing. To absorb the piston, it also has a rubber Sorbopad with an air tunnel optimized for a better air flow.

Double O-rings and a Sorbopad with optimized air flow

It is compatible with all standard AEG gear boxes. I have tested the Cylinder Head in various cylinders and achieved 100% air seal in all of them. During installation, I recommend applying some silicone grease to the O-rings to keep them soft for a long time and to seal the system perfectly. Due to the two O-rings it sits perfectly tight in the cylinder and does not slip during assembly.

Comparison: ICS standard Cylinder head on the left and Master Mods on the right

Air Nozzle (MX-004)

The Nozzle is also made of 6061-T6 aluminum and has an O-ring for a better air seal in combination with the Cylinder Head. The lenght is 21,2 mm and it's made inside with a cross head design.

To be honest, I have no idea what the cross head design does in terms of airflow. I can't imagine that there would be any irregularities or turbulences without it. But I'm not a product developer and let's look at it in a positive way - someone has thought about it and it should give us a better performance.

I'm only interested in two things, when it comes to Nozzles:

  1. How is the impact on the feeding of BBs?

  2. How does it seal?

To 1.:

The Nozzle has been installed in my PDW9 from the beginning, so I know that it work perfectly in combination with the ICS Standard Hop-Up Unit and the standard bucking. I tested it also with the MR. Hop from Maple Leaf without any issues. And the same for the bucking from Master Mods in combination with their Inner Barrel.

Please take always care that you use the right Nozzle length for your system, which is often different for different manufacturers.

To 2.:

And what I really liked during testing was the sealing in combination with the Cylinder Head from Master Mods. They are developed to work with each other, so that the Nozzle has the best balance of tightness and smoothness. I would always recommend using both parts in combination to get the best performance.

Cylinder Head with Nozzle on it

Full Steel Teeth Piston (MX-006)

The Full Steel Teeth Piston is available in two versions:

  • MX-006: For the usage in ICS rifles (with EBB)

  • MX-008: For all other AEGs

I have tested the version for ICS rifles with EBB.

When one speaks of ICS products, there are only a few weak points. Most often I hear that people want a Full Teeth Steel Piston. And ICS has heard the players and they are already using the Master Mods Piston in the SSS versions of the Ark or PDW9.

The piston has a 15+1 steel teeth, which has been heat treated for a better durability. I would recommend to glue the piston teeth rack into the piston, if you play a lot of full auto and/or with stronger springs.

15+1 steel teeth

To be honest, I have never had problems with the ICS Standard Piston. However, I live in Germany and only semi is allowed here, so there is less stress on the teeth. If someone plays a lot with full auto, it might be a different story. And one really important tip: with the Split Gearbox design, it is very important that the teeth of the Sector Gear is never up when you close the gear box. Please always pay attention to this or you might damage the piston and gears.

Full Steel Teeth Piston for ICS EBB Systems

Piston Head (MX-002)

I have tested the piston head in combination with the Full Steel Teeth Piston and the ICS Standard Cylinder from my PDW9. The piston head is also made of 6061-T6 aluminum and steel ball bearings.

8 vents to expand the O-ring

It work with a vent system, which expands the O-ring for a better seal in the Cylinder. During my first tests I couldn't achieve a good air seal in my test system. The Piston Head and O-ring seemed to small for the Cylinder. But don't panic, there is a simple fix for this. Remove the O-ring from the Piston Head and pull it over the Cylinder to stretch it. Grease it with silicone grease and after some time pull it down and take it back on the Piston Head. In the best case the problem doesn't exist for you, but if you have it, at least you know how to do something about it

Mod: Expanding the O-Ring for a better air seal

Master Inner Barrel System

As you can see from the title, Master Mods is not just an Inner Barrel, it is a whole system.

They are available with 6.04 mm diameter in several lengths for short pistols and also longer DMR setups.

So what is included, if you get a Master Inner Barrel?

  • Barrel

  • Tensioner

  • Contact Rubber (R-Hop Patch)

  • GBB Outer Rubber (Bucking)

  • AEG Outer Rubber (Bucking)

  • Barrel Center Ring

Full package: Barrel, AEG Bucking, GBB Bucking, R-Hop Patch, Barrel Center Ring and Tensioner

In the package you will recognize something special: The barrels are compatible with AEGs and GBBs. A bucking is provided for both systems.

The next special feature is the contact rubber. It's like an R-Hop, but it goes around the barrel to keep it in place. No glueing necessary like you might know it from the small R-Hop patches.

Contact rubber / R-Hop patch

The hop-up window is kept really big to create a large area to hop your BBs. It works best with heavier BBs (+ 0.28 gr) and improves your range and accuracy.

Comparison Hop-Up Windows: Madbull at the top and Master Mods below

I am very happy about such a simple drop-in solution. For years I have been using R-Hops wherever possible and it is often a trial and error: material and fit of the patch, preparation of the bucking, finding the right tensioner, etc. Now there is a simple complete system and since each component is aligned with each other, it ensures a really good performance.


Due to the lockdown there are no games at the moment. I would love to show you how well the parts work in the game. Just check my channels to keep you up to date.

I can definitely recommend the products of Master Mods. In combination with ICS all parts are tested, but I am sure that they are a safe choice for everyone if you're looking for high quality tuning.

I don't know if at some point a cylinder will follow, which will also harmonize perfectly with the piston head. That would actually only be right to get a perfectly matched system.

Many thanks to Master Mods for letting me test the products. I'm always happy to see when a manufacturer is raising the bar to deliver the best possible products for Airsoft players.


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