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[ENG]Review: Magazine Base Plate from KARONTE INDUSTRY

Review of the Magazine Base Plate from KARONTE INDUSTRY for the TM, WE G17/G18 and other compatible models.

The products were provided by KARONTE INDUSTRY for testing purposes. As always, the review represents my own opinion about the products without any influnce of the manufacturer.


I love testing new products and I had the chance to take a closer look at the Magazine Base Plates by KARANOTE INDUSTRY. They are a new company based in Italy and offer accessories for operational training/airsoft.

Some may wonder why they should change their Magazine Base Plate. There are several reasons for that:

1. Easier drawing

The Base Plate extends the magazine and it will support your grip if you change a mag or if you draw one from a pouch.

2. Look

The base plate can affect the look of a gun. Especially for HiCapas you can get several designs and colors for you Base Plate to customize the look of your pistol.

3. Durability

The regular base plates are often made of plastic and can easily break.Of course, you should always avoid dropping your magazine on a hard floor, but sometimes it just slips out of your hand. An aluminum block is much more durable.

First impression

Let's start with the review and a first impression of the product. It is made of CNC machined anodizated aluminum. The build quality is excellent and the red finish looks really special. Due to the matt finish, no fingerprints are visible and the material looks very durable.

Excellent build quality and finish

It weights about 82g and these are the rough measurements:

Approximate measurements

Compatibility and Installation

The installation is quite simple. Just pull the end of the spring up a bit, then you can slide the old base plate from the mag and install the new one in the same way.

Due to the base plate, you need an adapter to fill the magazine. This is also available from KARONTE INDUSTRY. Simply attach the extension to the gas bottle and then you can fill your magazine as usual.

The adapter can be simply plugged onto the gas valve.

The base plate is usually made for TM and WE G17/18 magazines. And you can also use it for G19/32 with some small modifications. I tested it with an AW Custom VX0100, which is based on a G17. The base plate was easy to attach to the magazine. Because I had no original WE G17, I had a slight wobble, which can be quickly prevented with some tape or paper. It's an easy fix in under 30 sec:

No fix needed for original TM and WE G17s!


I really like the handling with the base plate. It allows you to grab the magazine very quickly, whether you are removing it from the pistol or from the magazine pouch.

Here you can see very well how the base plate extends the magazine so that you can grip it better.

The additional weight only has a slight effect, but makes it a bit heavier on the grip.

The logo on the bottom helps you to see quickly where is the front of the magazine. That's really helpful, if you have it in your pouch and to make sure you have a smooth and fast reload.

The logo is like an arrow and shows the direction of the mag front on the bottom.


The Magazine Base Plate from KARONTE INDUSTRY are really nice, if you want to work on a faster mag change or if you just want to improve the look of your pistol.
Looks damn good, doesn't it?

I don't know anything about the pricing and I hope we see more colors and designs in the future. It would be great to see the Base Plates also for other pistol models.

You can contact KARONTE INDUSTRY via DM on Instagram, if you are interested in the Base Plates.



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